Healthy Life LAB workshops

Do you want a one-off boost for your health? And do something good for your health, together with others? Or would you just like to get more knowledge about certain aspects of health? I will make sure you will have an unforgettable time during the Healthy Life LAB workshops!

I organize workshops frequently, often in collaboration with other professionals and sustainable, healthy initiatives. Most workshops take place in The Hague.

During the workshops a variety of health themes will come to light. On this page you see a small selection of the subjects discussed in the workshops. Every workshop has its own theme. There’s so much to explore about health, it makes every workshop in the LAB full of new surprises!

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‘What we learn with pleasure,

we never forget!’

Health in general
In this workshop several aspects of health will come to light. After this workshop you will know which advices are true and which ones are wild nonsense.

Life in Balance
Cheat days, diets and clean eating, nowadays you basically can’t avoid these terms anymore. Besides that, nowaday’s society is very demanding and full of stimuli. How is it possible to find that balance? In this workshop you’ll create a fundament to create this balance and adapt it into your healthy lifestyle.

Sustainable Happiness
We’re living in a society with lots of contradictions. World hunger and climate change are everyday’s business. What’s the impact of your eating habits on these worldwide problems? And how can you take action and make a change? You’ll learn everything about sustainability and your food print in this workshop.

Epigenetica & Longevity
In this workshop I will make you more familiar with the world of epigenetics and longevity. You’ll learn how your eating habits and physical activity level influences the expression of your genes. You’ll also get to know how you might become a hundred years old, in good health and happines!