Healthy Life LAB coaching

Health coaching, for whom?

Do you want to improve your health? Knowing the difference between a hype and established health advice? Develop a healthy lifestyle, without compromising on taste and happiness? During the health coaching sessions with Healthy Life LAB you’ll find your answers and achieve your goals.

A healthy lifestyle should be fun, a relaxed way of eating healthy and staying active.
The foundation of a healthy lifestyle is built with knowledge about health & understanding your own behavior.

What does a coaching process look like?

Every person is unique. That’s why I don’t work with standardized nutrition schedules. According to your request and situation, you will get a personalized health advice. Step by step you will work towards reaching your health goals.

In the schedule on this page you can find the coaching programs and prices. After each session you’ll receive a report with your progress and advice, so you know exactly what to do and if you’re on the right track.
Offline coaching takes place in The Hague or Amsterdam. It’s also possible to follow online coaching through video calls. You can easiliy sign up for a free intake.

A little progress each day
adds up to big results.

Packages and Prices

LightShort program, kickstart for a healthy lifestyle.

Free intake
1 consultation of 60 minutes
3 consultations of 30 minutes
€ 160,-
MediumIntensieve coaching for sustainable lifestyle changes.

Free intake
1 consultation of 60 minutes
5 consultations of 30 minutes
€ 215,-
IntensiveVery intensive coaching process for rigorous, sustainable lifestyle changes.

Free intake
2 consultations of 60 minutes
7 consultations of 30 minutes
€ 325,-
Customized trajectYou could also follow a customized program. Single consultations are possible as well.Starting from
€ 60,-