‘May you blossom like a flower.’

Who is Healthy Life LAB?

My name is Lotta, I’m the face and founder of Healthy Life LAB. It’s my mission to let you shine, feeling confident about yourself and to take good care of yourself out of self-love. I’m a nutritionist, physiotherapist and I’ve defeated the eating disorder anorexia nervosa. Learning how to accept myself and taking personal leadership over my life was a long road for me. I’d love to share this experience with you and the rest of the world, so we can all help each other. With Healthy Life LAB I’m helping you to embrace the beautiful, unique person you are and to start living life to the fullest.

What does Healthy Life LAB stand for?


In my point of view, health is a combination of many factors in your life. With my holistic approach, I’m not only paying attention to physical health, I also prioritize the mental side of health. Health and happiness are coming from the inside out. The presence of both factors creates a healthy balance. How does that balance look like? That’s different for everybody. I challenge you to discover this for yourself!


Live your life! Life isn’t always easy. Ups and downs are both part of life, but it’s important that you feel at home in your own life. I think you can create this by consciously choosing your personal values and life goals, while counting your blessings. Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. How you’re experiencing your life, is closely connected with your health and happiness. Are you a visitor or the captain of your life?


LAB stands for laboratory. This is the ‘healthy life’ laboratory. In terms of content this means I only use high quality science-based information for talks, counseling sessions and blogs. To achieve this, I collaborate with several dietitians, psychologists, other coaches and professors. I help you to rediscover health and separate nowadays hypes from established scientific research.

In the Healthy Life LAB, life is the subject of research. I believe self-development is an ongoing lifelong process. I think this is fascinating and that’s why I love to talk and write about this subject. During the talks I do an in the blogs I write, I’m sharing my own expiences and life lessons in order to help you to (re-)discover your own strengths. During the coach sessions I’ll use my expertise and experience to help you finding your own path in life. This will be an experience that lasts for a lifetime!

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You are unique!
There’s no person like you, you are unique. Quite often we get lost in comparing ourselves with other people, but this is a huge energy drainer and it certainly won’t help you further in life. Focus on who you are, discover your goals in life and start your own, unique process. You don’t know where to start? I can help you with getting your process started!


You are beautiful!
Not just beautiful, you are gorgeous. Those freckles, that slightly big nose or your glasses? This is what makes you unique. Way too often I see other women downgrading themselves. This usually start with looks, but continues to who they are as a person. How much better would it be if you can look at yourself with a big, genuine smile on your face?

Self-love is the base for good health, not just physicalle, but also in other aspects of your life. Out of self-love you’ll make choices that support you, that make you flourish and help you to develop yourself and to reach your goals. It all starts with you. In both my talks and the counseling sessions, I pay a ot of attention to self-love and self-acceptance.

Which path are you following?
Often we are so focused on achieving our goals, that we forget that we’re on a journey. And it’s the journey that makes it interesting. You can learn so much valuable life lessons from the process that you’re in right now. Having goals you want to achieve is great, but the process in order to achieve these goals is just as important! Are you looking for a coach or would you like to attend one of my talks? Just get in touch with me.

Get in touch with me!
You can always approach me for questions and extra support. Even after finishing coaching or attending a talk, you can always get back in touch for help with personal leadership and health. And of course you’ll get your daily dose of inspiration on my social media profiles and my blog. Stay inspired!